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Intelligent Execution

By combining intelligent execution with capacity based planning & automated decision making, LogistiVIEW is able to optimize your operations in real-time and give you the ultimate level of operational flexibility.

a cycle showing decision making leading to execution and back again with real time written in the center


Elevate your execution through smartglasses and Augmented Reality (AR). This is the next hands-free technology that enables your front-line workers to hear and see instructions all without taking their eyes (and hands) off the job.

Remote Collaboration

Immediate connection between your operations and their support system. Connect front-line workers with office staff, new workers with trainers or your entire operation with engineering / CI teams without interrupting their flow or needing a supplemental device.

Chargeback Mitigation

Capture in-line videos or images at high speeds without impacting the flow of your worker. Provide this information to vendors or customers as defensible proof of quality or performance!