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Vision Pick & Put Wall

Easily design and deploy pick to light and put to light process with the best of RF, Voice, and Vision Technology.

Next-Generation Order Fulfillment Through AR and Smart Glasses

LogistiVIEW’s Vision Pick and Put Wall reinvents order fulfillment for warehouse operations. Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and computer vision combine to deliver intuitive visual instructions to empower worker productivity.

A New Collaboration Between Worker and Technology - Achieving More, Together

All the Efficiency with No Fixed Hardware

With easy integration to existing automation and WMS, and flexibility to be moved anywhere, the solution enables distribution centers to extend the life of their warehouse while increasing the efficiency and satisfaction of their frontline workforce.


Extending the Life of Warehouse in Supply Chain 4.0


Hands-Free Smart Glasses

Ruggedized Mobile Scanners



LogistiVIEW combines Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, & Computer Vision to transform complex data into actionable insights for warehouse workers to make better, more informed decisions.

Easily Integrate with Existing Automation

Design & Control Through the Workbench

Powerful Configuration

Flowchart Your Process

Connect & Control Your Data

Purpose Built for Vision & AR


Empower your workforce with LogistiVIEW’s Vision Pick and Put Wall