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OnSite™️ Remote Collaboration

Instantly connect, collaborate, and support your global supply chain

Connect Your Workforce with OnSite™️

LogistiVIEW’s OnSite™️ leverages smart glasses to provide a point of view (POV) collaborative experience, connecting any number of remote experts directly through the camera of the wearer in real-time. Stay safe, save travel time and expenses, and improve the outcome of training, audit, and support functions.

OnSite™️ connects teams across the workforce ranging from frontline workers to supervisors, trainers, remote IT, maintenance, vendor support, and all the other experts crucial to the success of your supply chain.

Remote experts watch work performed on-site in real-time via Zoom.

The POV Collaboration

Remotely Deploy, Train, and Audit.

Remote Training and Observation

LogistiVIEW’s OnSite™️​ is a powerful training tool that simplifies onboarding and fosters continuous employee development. Like a telementor on their shoulder,
OnSite provides visual training instructions overlaid via wearable smart glasses, enabling remote trainers and managers to collaborate in real-time. The result? Increased productivity, accuracy, reduced costs, and improved worker confidence.

Continuous Improvement and Audit

Approved work standards and new process trials can be remotely observed, recorded, and audited as the work is performed. The LogistiVIEW workflow engine enables the continuous improvement team to author and trial new processes that look and feel like normal instructions to the worker, providing better feedback.

Remote Deployment Support

With LogistiVIEW’s OnSite™️, new software, hardware, and process changes can be managed by the deployment team without ever traveling to the site. Local workers use OnSite™️​-enabled smart glasses to provide eyes-on experience for the remote team, who can collaborate, record, and share results with management and vendor partners. Share video, drawings, testing, and documentation across facilities. 

Product Features
LogistiVIEW OnSite
Connect Single & Multiple Participants
Add Annotations to Live Workflows
Give and Receive Real-Time Guidance
Highest Level of Data Security
Zoom Calls from Any Browser/Device
Instant Document and Data Sharing
Visual + Voice Guidance
Smart Glasses Integration
Instructional AI-Driven Workflows
Share Video & Documentation Across Facilities
Process Training, Observation, & Support
Live Recording with the ability to obscure worker identify

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