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Go Beyond the Limits of Your WMS

Reimagine planning, execution, and employee engagement in your warehouse and manufacturing operations. Do more with your valuable time and resources.

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LogistiVIEW helps you run a better operation

With LogistiVIEW, you can empower your Warehouse or Manufacturing employees to leverage new technologies and give them the edge.


Plan — Right Task. Right Time.

Operations are far too complex and dynamic to effectively plan with Excel Spreadsheets. LogistiVIEW leverages continual flow and predictive analytics to more accurately identify your operations overall performance potential. Providing real-time visibility of your operations TODAY and more accurately predicting your performance TOMORROW. LogistiVIEW planning is not just a visibility tool.

By continually evaluating constraints, capacities and performance, LogstiVIEW is able to respond to any dynamic operation to achieve maximized results as well as provide recommendations of operational and physical constraint points within your operation that are limiting your FUTURE performance. LogistiVIEW helps you run a better building TODAY, TOMORROW and into the FUTURE.

Automated Decision Making (AI)

Through Artificial Intelligence, LogistiVIEW can help you automate decisions throughout your operations. By evaluating constraints, capacity, and conditions in real-time, LogistiVIEW is able to make decisions that maximize your operations’ assets and drive consistency in your operational performance.

Move to truly intelligent wave-less processing. The right orders at the right time to meet your shipping commitments and reduce bottlenecks.

Improved dock management. Work is managed across all zones within your operation to time work to arrive at the dock at the right time reducing staging times and maximizing dock turns.

Manufacturing / Assembly sequencing. Automatically sequence and assign work based on sequencing needs and processing times.

Inbound unloading prioritization. Manage the trailers in your yard more efficiently by automatically selecting the right unload sequence based on inventory needs, detention reduction, dock & labor capacity, etc.

No more large re-slotting efforts. Automatically slot reprofile product based on movement, stackability/crushability, space-utilization, etc.

Execute — Right Resource. Right Way.

From orchestrating work to best utlize your front-line workers & robots to digitizing any manual work task, LogistiVIEW’s Intelligent Execution system makes any operational job easier, faster, and smarter.

Engage — Right Incentive. Right Result.

Build a workplace where productivity soars, success is celebrated, and workforce engagement takes center stage.

Real-time Performance Feedback

Let your team know they are making a difference with feedback delivered throughout their workflow.


Turn any front-line job into a game. Employees earn points throughout the execution of their tasks in a fun and enjoyable way. Managers are able to easily enable reward programs.

Staff Scheduling

Enable your employees to provide shift scheduling preferences, request scheduling changes, sign-up for Over-Time shifts and much more.