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Escape the Limits of Your WMS / ERP

Stop wasting time and money on inflexible and inefficient manual processes.  Spend less and ship more with LogistiVIEW  FlowEP™ Warehouse Execution System.

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LogistiVIEW FlowEP
is a People-first Operations Platform

WMS and ERP systems are great at tracking data, but they often make work complex for the workforce who use them and the IT group that supports them.  

LogistiVIEW focuses first on optimizing people and processes and then connects data and machines to orchestrate efficient excellence.


Right Task.
Right Time.

Are you managing spreadsheets or people?

Modern operations are far too complex and dynamic to effectively plan with spreadsheets, but most companies still rely heavily on them.

FlowEP™ automates resource planning and work assignment using AI so your leaders can focus on your people. 


Right Resource.
Right Way.

You have lots of valuable people and machines.  We make sure they are all efficiently utilized.


Right Incentive.
Right Result.

Build a workplace where productivity soars, success is celebrated, and workforce engagement takes center stage.