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LogistiVIEW WES Platform:
Multi-Agent Orchestration (MAO)

Connect frontline workers with robots to achieve more together

Build Human-Robotic Solutions That Are 100% Flexible

LogistiVIEW WES connects people and processes with robots and machines. As the vendor-agnostic connection between resources in the warehouse, we power facilities to automate in a more flexible way, eliminating expensive WMS upgrades and customization.

illustration of a robot working in a warehouse
robots working in warehouse

Automate The Connection Between People & Robots

Rethinking automation to be flexible, ready for the unpredictable

“It’s not about replacing humans. Rather, robots represent an opportunity to completely rethink automation with a focus on cost-effective and flexible alternatives to expensive fixed assets. In Let’s talk if you’re working for a robotics vendor helping businesses optimize their flexibility and efficiency and products will be dynamically orchestrated by AI.”

Seth Patin, CEO & Founder, LogistiVIEW