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Robotic Orchestration

Connecting frontline workers with robotics to achieve more, together through a digital workforce.

Build Human-Robotics Solutions That Are 100% Flexible

LogistiVIEW’s Software Automation Platform connects businesses with robotics. As the vendor-agnostic connection between each constituent part of the warehouse, we power facilities to automate in a more flexible way, eliminating expensive WMS upgrades and customization.

By closing the gaps that exist in warehouse automation, our platform is refining complex human-robotic interactions. With flexible automation, warehouses can move more products with greater complexity achieving scaled automation that adapts to evolving business needs.

illustration of a robot working in a warehouse
Picker with conveyor belt in background wearing a VR headset with AR overlays

Automate The Connection Between Business & Robotics

The New Digital Workforce Includes Humans, Robots, & AI

LogistiVIEW’s Software Automation Platform links people, robots, and information to optimize how work is performed.

Digitized Workforce

Equip frontline workers with vision technology to optimize picking efficiency and accuracy. Digitized workers have everything they need to work alongside autonomous robots.


Equip your most flexible asset, your existing workforce, with the best insights and data at all times to interface with robots in the best way to maximize work potential.

Artificial intelligence

Continuously interprets the data to adaptively drive work process optimization. Processes and filters complex data systems to deliver only what is most critical to aid the task at hand.

Rethinking automation to be flexible, ready for the unpredictable

Partner with LogistiVIEW: Human-Robotic System Integration

two hands fist bumping with text that reads: meet the new digital workforce humans plus robots plus ai

When we create human-robot-assisted processes, businesses achieve complexity and scale that rivals traditional fixed automation – but at a lower cost and with flexibility impossible until now. If you’re working for a robotics vendor helping businesses optimize their flexibility and efficiency, let’s talk. Together, we’ll transform the digital workforce as we know it – empowering workers and robots to do more together, with speed and efficiency not seen in warehouses to date.

With LogistiVIEW as your integration partner:

“It’s not about replacing humans. Rather, robots represent an opportunity to completely rethink automation with a focus on cost-effective and flexible alternatives to expensive fixed assets. In Let’s talk if you’re working for a robotics vendor helping businesses optimize their flexibility and efficiency and products will be dynamically orchestrated by AI.”

Seth Patin, CEO & Founder, LogistiVIEW 

Ready to bring the world's only platform built from the ground up around humans, AR, & robotics to your business?