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LogistiVIEW FlowEP™:
Workflow Engine

Digitize any work process

Improve Operational Performance

Workflow Engine

Universal Process Modeling is the Key to Orchestration

The core of the FlowEP™ platform is a patented workflow engine that applies exponential technologies to core processing across your operation.  Every connected worker whether human or machine uses this same engine and interacts with the same pool of data.  Every action taken by one worker is a cause that can effect other workers.  The orchestration layer leverages AI to evaluate all available workers, from fixed automation to humans and robots, to determine the optimal means to complete work.

Process Control is the Key to Flexibility

Workflows are designed using our built-in low-code editor.  The editor allows designers to build workflows that simultaneously define the flow of the User Experience and data in a process, allowing one orchestration engine to control processes for both human and machine workers.  You can quickly configure, modify, and deploy workflows to adapt to changing process and technology needs.