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Orchestration Software for Warehouses

WES closes the gaps that your WMS, ERP, WCS, and robotic fleet controllers leave between your people, machines, and data.  

Flexibly combine WES capabilities like AI-assisted planning, task execution, labor management, and robotic orchestration to simplify management and execution in your complex warehouse.

Key Benefits

Smart Operations, Automated Decisions

Designed for dynamic environments, WES uses AI models to monitor constraints and conditions in real-time. This enables instantaneous adjustments to human and robotic instructions, ensuring both efficiency and compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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Warehouse Resource Planning

WES makes recommendations or automatically adjusts execution based on real-time changes in conditions and constraints, including facility capacity, staffing changes, late trucks, order changes, machine downtime, etc. The system releases orders and assigns tasks to prevent bottlenecks AND eliminate idle time, maximizing resource utilization and increasing throughput.

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Integrated Labor Performance

WES has workforce performance management builtin. From management visibility to real-time workforce performance feedback and gamification, it actively monitors and enhances human performance.

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Human and Robotic Harmony

WES closes the gap between people and machines with sophisticated orchestration. Seamlessly integrate human and robotic workflows guided by AI-driven intelligence for harmonious coexistence, optimizing efficiency and throughput.

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Beyond WMS

WES is a force multiplier for existing IT systems. Seamless integration with ERP and WMS systems creates a cohesive and optimized warehouse orchestration ecosystem.

Simple and Intuitive Interface

We believe that warehouse technology needs to be much more complex and intelligent behind the scenes, but way less complicated for the people who use it.  WES has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes work simpler and easier to train.

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Why LogistiVIEW WES?

LogistiVIEW WES closes the gaps that your WMS, ERP, WCS, and robotic fleet controllers leave between your people, machines, and data.  By combining smart technology, workforce performance management, human-robotic orchestration, and AI-driven adaptability, WES offers a holistic solution built to serve the evolving needs of the modern warehouse.