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LogistiVIEW FlowEP™:
Warehouse Execution System (WES)

Welcome to the Future of Warehouse Operations! LogistiVIEW FlowEP™, the groundbreaking Warehouse Execution System (WES) redefines operational excellence. Since our inception in 2014, LogistiVIEW has been at the forefront of Warehouse Execution technology, and with FlowEP, we’re taking it to a whole new level.


What is FlowEP?

LogistiVIEW’s FlowEP is not just a product; it's a transformation in the way warehouses operate and are managed.

This next-generation WES optimizes real-time work planning and task execution through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our state-of-the-art technology predicts and optimizes operational flow, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and performance. Working in conjunction with your existing system of inventory (ERP or WMS), LogisitiVIEW’s FlowEP maximizes your operational potential through automated decision making, advanced work planning, and real-time evaluation of constraints, conditions and staffing.

Key Features

AI-Driven Optimization

FlowEP utilizes advanced AI modeling to predict and optimize operational flow. By monitoring constraints and flow conditions in real time, it optimizes work execution, leading to improved overall warehouse efficiency.

Smart Operations, Automated Decisions

Transform your warehouse operations with FlowEP by embedding intelligence into every aspect. Analyze real-time data for actionable insights and automate decisions, allowing managers to focus on critical tasks.

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Real-Time Adaptability and SLA Compliance

Designed for dynamic environments, FlowEP uses AI models to monitor constraints and conditions in real-time. This enables instantaneous adjustments to human and robotic instructions, ensuring compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Warehouse Resource Planning

For operations heavily focused on outbound truckload and less than truckload, FlowEP assists in creating an optimized dock plan. It makes recommendations or automatically adjusts based on real-time changes in conditions and constraints, including staffing changes, late trucks, order changes, machine downtime, etc. For e-commerce-centric operations, the system releases orders to maximize efficiency based on real-time events, allowing for the maximization of warehouse resources and increased throughput. This results in the reduction of bottlenecks and the optimal use of warehouse assets.

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Integrated Labor Performance

FlowEP stands out with its integrated labor performance system. From management visibility to real-time workforce performance feedback and gamification, it actively monitors and enhances human performance using AI-driven analytics.

Human and Robotic Harmony

In the era of human-robot collaboration, FlowEP leads the way with a sophisticated orchestration mechanism. Seamlessly integrate human and robotic workflows guided by AI-driven intelligence for harmonious coexistence, optimizing efficiency and throughput.

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Beyond WMS

FlowEP is not a standalone technology; it’s a force multiplier for existing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Seamless integration with ERP and WMS systems creates a cohesive and optimized warehouse management ecosystem.

User-Friendly Interface

Despite its advanced technology, FlowEP boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Quick adoption and seamless integration into existing warehouse management processes are ensured, minimizing the learning curve.

Why FlowEP?

LogistiVIEW’s FlowEP is a commitment to shaping the future of warehouse execution. By combining smart technology, labor performance integration, human-robotic orchestration, and AI-driven adaptability, LogistiVIEW offers a holistic solution built to serve the evolving needs of the modern supply chain.

Discover the power of FlowEP today and take your warehouse operations to new heights!