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Platform Security Policies


LogistiVIEW’s Security team establishes policies and controls, monitors compliance with those controls, and validates our security and compliance to third-party auditors.

Our policies are based on general security best practices and adapted to our guiding principles.

Limited Access

Access for specific business purposes.

Layered Security


Comprehensive Security

Defend all attack vectors.

Continuous Improvement

Test and monitor to improve security.


Educate and communicate with security stakeholders.

Security Certifications


(In Review Period)

ISO 27001

(In Review Period)

The LogistiVIEW trust center shows the active controls in place and active. Request access below.

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Data Protection

LogistiVIEW uses security best practices including encryption, layered access, and secret management for data protection.

Data At Rest

LogistiVIEW encrypts data at the file system level and sensitive data is encrypted at the column-level.

Data In Transit

LogistiVIEW utilizes TLS 1.2 or higher for all data transmissions.

Product Security

LogistiVIEW’s Secure Development Lifecycle Policy includes several guiding principles and concepts that ensure LogistiVIEW delivers secure code to our customers.

Penetration Testing

LogistiVIEW conducts at a minimum annual penetration testing. Our entire infrastructure is within scope of the assessment including cloud infrastructure, web applications, and mobile applications.

Vulnerability Scans

LogistiVIEW conducts periodic vulnerability scans across our product offering including our SaaS infrastructure, Web application code base, and our mobile device application code base.