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LogistiVIEW FlowEP™:
Automated Decision Making

Automated Decision Making is a business intelligence engine that utilizes AI to automatically make situationally optimized execution decisions that support, supplement or replace human decisions. 

Enable Workers to Work More Efficiently and Intelligently with ADM.

Automated Decision Making (ADM) utilizes AI decision models and machine learning to automate decision making within warehousing, manufacturing and retail/service operations. ADM helps front-line managers and workers make a decision or automatically takes an action, based on a recognized pattern or defined business rules. By continually evaluating real-time conditions and constraints, AI enables human workers to work more efficiently and intelligently complete their job.

Become a Responsive, Efficient, Dynamic Operation

ADM Makes Simple, but Time Sensitive and Important, Decisions Faster Than People Can

Quick Decisions

These are decisions that are easy to make but are often unnoticed by an operational leader because the time to identify, evaluate and implement are so quick. As no action is taken, these often accumulate and become fires throughout the day. By Leveraging AI for these decisions, your operation can:

Complex Decisions 

These are decisions where determining the “right” answer is more complex due to the subjectivity of what “right” means to your operation and there is more time to make that decision. These decisions are best made by your people because they understand the broader impact of the decision and have the time to make the decision.

Time vs criteria graph

Dotted Box Notation:

Leverage AI to make quick decisions AND capture  value that would be lost by Inaction

How Humans and Artificial Intelligence Collaborate in Decision Making

level of involvement human vs AI