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TaskFlow for Manufacturing

The right job at the right time to meet your commitments and maximize your assets

Constraint based planning is not a new concept for manufacturing but with the shifts to more dynamic manufacturing practices, it is hard to control. LogistiVIEW’s TaskFlow for Manufacturing helps to solve this by automating the sequencing of jobs to maximize capacity and meet the demands and controlling and releasing the work to get the inventory to the right place at the right time.

Automate Your Planning

LogistiVIEW’s TaskFlow for Manufacturing helps light manufacturing / value added services (VAS) environments automate their planning, sequencing and delivery of goods. Keeping equipment and people working on the right job at the right time!

car engine assembled on a factory production line
industrial Sewing machine

TaskFlow Case Study

LogistiVIEW is working with a large embroidery and custom apparel company to optimize the scheduling and release of work to their work cells to maximize output. As conditions change throughout the day, LogistiVIEW continually monitors and adjusts the production schedule to meet new demands or react to those conditional changes. Leveraging LogsitiVIEW’s Intellegent Execution solution, the goods are delivered at the right time to meet real-time production schedules.