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LogistiVIEW Vision:
Smart Glasses in the Warehouse

Redefine your receiving, inventory, picking and sortation processes by combining the best of vision, voice, RF on every scan.

Maximize Workforce Productivity with Vision

Leveraging smart glasses for line-of-sight images, voice, and text, workers are directed step-by-step through work processes in an easy-to-understand way.  

Vision keeps it simple with easy-to-understand and intuitive work processing so your workforce can learn their job quickly and execute their tasks efficiently.

Customer Success by the Numbers

Case Study: Peter Millar's Vision Pick and Put Wall

Learn how LogistiVIEW helped Peter Millar exceed forecasts. Needing a solution to meet growing demand through their peak season rush, Peter Millar turned to LogistiVIEW and implemented virtual put walls to increase sortation capacity with greater flexibility than traditional lights. Following a rapid 90-day implementation, they saw benefits quickly with a 10% increase in shipping capacity, faster turn on customer orders, and flexibility to change their configuration throughout peak season.

Vision vs. Pick to Light

80% Less Cost

With no hardwired electrical, Vision avoids costly fixed infrastructure and installation fees, resulting in 80% less investment than traditional lights. 

Movable & Portable – Anywhere, Anytime

Vision is 100% movable anywhere in the warehouse. Since nothing is bolted down to the floor, the whole system can be adapted at a moment’s notice.

System Features
Hands-Free Visual Guidance
Low Cost Installation
No Fixed Infrastructure
Movable & Portable
Visual and Voice Guidance
Pay By Worker Instead of Location
Expand to Additional Locations at No Cost
Easily Adapt Workflow when Business Changes

Voice Picking Replacement

Voice-based workflows can benefit greatly from adding Vision capabilities.  If you are looking to replace your aging voice picking system, Vision is an excellent alternative that unlocks optimization beyond what Voice alone can provide.


LogistiVIEW WES Vision UI