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LogistiVIEW FlowEP™ WES: Vision+ Picking vs. Voice Picking

Get the best of features of voice and RF plus the power of Vision!

Why Vision Picking Is Superior to Voice Picking

Speed &

Less Language Dependency

Reduction in Training

Video & Image Capute

Extend Beyond Picking

Case Study:

Peter Millar's Vision Pick and Put Wall

“On a normal day, our conveyor can be an issue. Multiplying that by 4-5x is something that can definitely shut us down. So with our peak period, we HAD to find different things to do.”

– Mike Duffin, Inventory & Control Analytics Manager, Peter Millar  

Learn how LogistiVIEW helped omni-channel retailer Peter Millar beat congestion and exceed 2018 targets. Needing a solution for their backed-up conveyor to get through 2018 peak season rush, Peter Millar turned to LogistiVIEW. They implemented put walls powered by AR smart glasses to avoid the heavy installation costs and footprint of traditional PTL. Going live in less than 90 days, they saw the benefits right away with 10% less on the conveyor, faster turn on customer orders, and flexibility to change their configuration throughout peak season.

Vision+ vs. Voice Only

System Features
Enable Hands-Free Work
Voice Instructions
Visual + Voice Guidance
Easily Adapt Workflow when Business Changes
Enable Optimized Workflows with Batching & Sorting

The Power of Intuitive Instruction

Less complexity means more productivity

By combining augmented reality, voice, and human readable instructions in one platform, LogistiVIEW gives workers the right information at the right time, reducing job complexity and improving efficiency. Workers ramp up more quickly while maintaining high levels of accuracy.

Empower your workforce more with Vision on smart glasses.  Leveraging the use of smart glasses, workers are provided visual guidance while still having a clear view of their work environment. With multiple methods to communicate, work is completed more quickly and safely while eliminating the struggles often found in training new employees.

Visual Guidance

Augmented Reality it leveraged to guide employees to the right place. Through overlaying colors and shapes to the workers live environment, workers are able to quickly make decisions. Visual guidance provides intuitive information to the workers regardless of skill, language or time on the job.

Image Display

A picture says a thousand words holds true in the fast pace environment of manufacturing and distribution. Add clarity through displaying information needed at the right time. Product images, unit of measure clarity or stacking directions can be displayed right when the workers needs additional clarity to perform the job safely and accurately.

Text Display

In addition to visual guidance and images, clear instructions are displayed to the worker. By taking out the clutter of information typically presented to a worker, LV Vision+ simplifies the instructions to the action needed at that time.

Voice Commands

Voice instruction along with visual guidance and text display provide further clarity for the worker. Selected voice commands and tones can help support the worker as they perform the needed tasks. Workers are also able to provide confirmations via voice commands.

Hand Gestures

What is simpler than confirming an action with a hands gesture. Gestures are used universally and can be learned by an employee quickly regardless of language or skillset. Use a thumbs-up to indicate a confirmation or a thumbs-down that a problem has been encountered and help is needed. Simple, understandable, intuitive.

OCR (Character Recognition)

Leverage character recognition to direct a worker on the correct process or as an additional confirmation the right action is being performed.

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