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LogistiVIEW WES:
Optimized Execution

The Right Work done by the Right Resource at the Right Time in the Right Way.

a cycle showing decision making leading to execution and back again with real time written in the center

Increase Your Efficiency and Throughput

WMS systems are very limited in evaluating current conditions, operational constraints, and task dependencies. These limitations impact the overall efficiency and throughput that can be achieved. LogistiVIEW WES models an operation’s capacity based on operational constraints and manages order flow and tasks to maximize the operational throughput through Next Best Decision Logic.

a chart that reads enabling warehouses of the future.

Simple Mobility is Key to Optimizing Processes

Different jobs need different mobile devices.  LogistiVIEW WES helps you pair the right device with the right person and job all while using a single workflow configuration that works on every device.  WES taps into the unique features of each device to make sure your workforce has all of the tools available to be successful at their job.

Vision-based Workforce Mobility

LogistiVIEW WES natively supports vision-based user experience on smart glasses.  Vision is the next generation of hands-free technology for the warehouse that enables your front-line workers to hear and see instructions all without taking their eyes (and hands) off the job.

Robotic Orchestration

Machines play a critical role in supporting the people who work in a warehouse.  No machine can operate in a silo and most processes require a delicate balance between people and machines.  LogistiVIEW WES works to maximize the productivity of all the people and machines working together in your warehouse.