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LogistiVIEW WES:
Quality and Inspection

Use Images & Video To Mitigate Your Risk

Give work instructions with visual guidance to improve quality of work while simultaneously capturing proof of quality to mitigate the cost of quality claims.  Images and videos captured seamlessly throughout your operation without slowing down your employees.

chargeback mitigation-compilation

Case Study

Automotive Sub-assembly Manufacturer


An automotive sub-assembly manufacturer was looking for a solution to improve quality, reduce chargeback fees, and improve customer satisfaction.

The Need

Optimized work instructions and defensible proof that each part was assembled and sequenced correctly prior to shipping to the OEM assembly plant.

The Challenge

Although manufacturer had access to data to support their claims, they struggled with it being defensible. They were only able to provide the details of who picked and assembled each part and when it was completed and shipped.

The Solution

The operations lead knew “a picture says a thousand words”. He was looking for a solution that could capture images throughout all stages of assembly without interrupting his staff’s workflow and slowing down the assembly process. They still needed to meet their contractual obligations, they just needed to do so with more confidence it was being done the right way, every time.  Using LogistiVIEW WES with smart glasses, they now capture images and video throughout parts picking, assembly, and inspection. These images are searchable using transaction data (chassis number, part number, assembly date, employee name, serial number, etc) to quickly retrieve all images related to a specific build. When questioned by their customer, they are quickly able to produce the real-time view of what happened during assembly, driving down claims and penalty charges by 98%.